Software Product Development

Rcubinity software development services integrate with IT consulting services and enable custom-made software solutions for leading enterprises and startups around the globe.

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Software Development

Rcubinity builds custom software that helps your business processes more efficiently to improve customer experience and generate more profit.
We enhance business agility and efficiency by building cutting-edge mobile and web software solutions for enterprises. 

# Friendly Food

Order anything from your preferred local Restaurant / Vendors without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

# Cardsless

New generation business cards
For people that want to make a great first impression tap your card on a phone will opens with all your contact details.
Just like that

Equipped with NFC this smart business card will make an impact and a great impression. Share your contact details with a tap and give back to nature at the same time.

# Chessimo

Play chess for free on one of the best chess app in the world!

Chessimo ( – applies a unique learning methodology based on repetition of moves! You will quickly learn how to perform checkmate, the most powerful strategies and openings and more!

We are the only app in the market that allows you finish a puzzle and continue playing the exercise against the computer!